About us

Our Mission

Our mission at Alaska Freediver is to SPREAD THE STOKE of freediving and spearfishing in Alaska’s waters.

We aim to encourage cold water diving and want to share the beauty and bounty of Alaska with all of you.

E, D, & A sizing up their catch
Future Freedivers: D, E, and cousin N

Who We Are

We are The Pollack Family:

Chris, Amelia, ‘A’ (6yrs), ‘D’ (4yrs), & ‘E’ (2yrs), a family of 5 living in Rural Alaska, committed to living off the land & sea. 

We hunt, fish, raise poultry, garden & forage to supplement our food supply that’s shipped up from “The States.” When not in the pursuit of food, we play outside, soaking up each and every moment.

Our Core Values

We choose to live a homesteader lifestyle in our modern world. The following are values we strive to pass along to our children each and every day. 

Future Freediver: 'A' in Hawaii
Amelia and Chris Pollack diving in Kachemak Bay

DISCLAIMER: Freediving and spearfishing can be dangerous endeavors that may lead to permanent injury or death.

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