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What is Freediving Anyway?

For most Coastal Alaskans, the mere thought of being submerged in the ocean is spine chilling. So one might wonder about the recent accounts of folks diving into the ocean in Alaska. Don’t THEY know that the ocean is UNSAFE?! Meet Freediving…

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Salmon Lox

We’ve always loved ‘lox’ and treated them like a delicacy – ordering them from restaurants, savoring each bite. For too many years we wrongly assumed

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Octopus Moon

‘A’ patiently watched as the sun slipped away and the breeze vanished. Then, in the cold, still night, the dark red creature of the sea inched out from its den to escape our harassment. Chris grabbed it. ‘A’ and I cheered. ‘D’ gave a grunt from his deep slumber on my back.

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Blackened Rockfish Tacos

This recipe is great for any kind of Pacific Northwest rockfish you might come across (Black Rockfish, Greenling, Kelp Cod, Ling Cod, Gray Cod, etc.) and, actually, the smaller the fish, the better.

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