for Freediving and Spearfishing in Alaska

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We all love new gear.

Like any sport, freediving and spearfishing require an initial investment in gear, especially when diving in cold water.

It is important to be prepared and have high-quality gear. 

Check out our recommendations below.

01. Wetsuit

With water temps maxing out at 50 in the summer and dipping down into the high 30s in the winter, a warm, well-fitting wetsuit is a must!

Open Cell wetsuits are warmer and more flexible for a given thickness rating than closed cell, though more expensive and much more fragile.

Why Open Cell Wetsuits

Why Smooth Skin Wetsuits

How To - Ear Holes in Hood

How To Put On Open Cell Wetsuit

02. Neoprene Gloves & Booties

Neoprene gloves & booties are a must when diving in Alaska.

But don’t go too thick or you’ll lose dexterity in your hands and your feet will get sloppy in your fins.

03. Mask & Snorkel

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All About Masks

Skip to 5:37 for How to prep your mask for fog-free dives.

Note: we recommend applying toothpaste AFTER burning off factory layer. OR skip burning & use only toothpaste

04. Fins

Freedivers & Spearfishermen use long bladed fins for maximum efficiency.

You may have to go up a size to make sure they fit over your 3mm-5mm neoprene socks.

05. Weights

There is no one-size-fits-all calculation for how much weight you might need.

06. Freediving Watch

Almost as important as a dive buddy, having a freediving watch will help keep you from doing anything foolish.

07. Spear Gun / Polespear

Ideally you would have an all-around gun to chase rockfish around the reef but also have the ability to land a king salmon or halibut.

08. Buoy & Float Line

Diving with a buoy is a good safety practice in high traffic areas, and having one connected to your gun can help you land that monster halibut.

09. Dive Knife

A dive knife is a necessary safety item as it can save you from an entanglement.

10. Misc

You’ll need something to carry your gear and a way to warm up after your dive.

DISCLAIMER: Freediving and spearfishing can be dangerous endeavors that may lead to permanent injury or death.

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