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We carry a full selection of freediving/spearfishing gear by: Blue Tuna Spearfishing, JBL Spearfishing & Neptonics Spearfishing. 

If they make it we carry it.

We are currently stocking our  shop in Seldovia. 

If you want it & we don’t have it in-stock yet, let us know & we’ll work to get it asap.

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AKFD Basic Freedive Package

*The Basic Package now includes a Marseilles Weight Belt and price has been adjusted to reflect current manufacturer prices (effective on orders placed after 10/03/21).

Spearguns & Pole Spears

We offer a full line of spearguns & pole spears. 

Contact Chris with questions or to order.


Neptonics Quantum Stealth 7mm


  • Constructed from Yamamoto #39 Neoprene
  • Open Cell Neoprene
  • Blue Water / Kelp Bed Camo
  • Integrated hooded jacket
  • Extra thick chest loading pad glued and stitched
  • Emergency whistle with integrated pocket on right upper arm
  • Hex Armor on the elbows and knees
  • Double clips on beavertail
  • Smooth skin lining on face, wrist, waist, & ankles seals water out
  • Integrated knife pouch with magnetic buckle closure
  • 1mm, 3mm, & 5mm available by special order

The Neptonics Quantum Stealth Wetsuit is an elite wetsuit in four thicknesses to protect you in the warmest to the coldest of oceans. Its camouflage pattern is blended from the natural colors and beauty of barrier reefs and kelp forests. This unique coloration allows you to blend into almost any fish-rich marine environment. It is jammed with features to give you the ultimate dive experience. Constructed from Yamamoto #39 Neoprene and features the best durability-to-flexibility ratio on the market. Articulated knees, elbows, hips, neck, and shoulders allow maximum mobility, flexibility, warmth and comfort. There is an emergency whistle pouch on the upper-right arm, an integrated knife pouch with a magnetic closure, and has smooth skin water seals around the face, wrist, waist and ankles. The elbow and knees have Hex Armor to add durability and grip. The loading pad is 50% thicker to protect your chest when loading any speargun.

Blue Tuna Spearfishing 7mm

Men's Cut
Women's Cut
  • Durable & flexible Open Cell Neoprene
  • Gray & Orange ‘Stone Crab Camo’ (Men’s & Women’s Cut)
  • ‘Reef Green Camo’ (Men’s Cut)
  • Light Gray ‘Fish Skin Camo’ (Men’s Cut)
  • Durable rubber knee/arm pads
  • Comfortable Microfiber+INVIST ultra flexible outer fabric
  • Rubber reinforced beavertail clips
  • *3mm & *5mm options

                      *Available by special order

The inspiration for this design came from the bottom dwellers like the stone crabs. Blend into your local waters! Grey, Orange and Red blend so well at depth that you will fade into the background of the reef. Higher contrast suit great on the reef bottom where there’s lots of natural contrast between reef, urchins, plant life and their shadows. 

The outside of the wetsuit is lined with Microfibre +INVISTA woven together with Lycra to create a more durable wetsuit with the best flexibility. INVISTA is high quality fibers and fabrics, the ingredient materials you might find in your apparel, bedding, upholstery and equipment. INVISTA’s fibers and fabrics are not only durable, they can be strong, soft, and stretchy. Camouflage pattern is created on this fabric by painting every thread. When the fabric stretches there’s no whiteness and the material holds up extremely well to UV exposure.

M – Fits like a 4

L – Fits like a 6

XL – Fits like an 8

Women’s cut are shorter in arm and leg length.

Gals over 5’8″ should opt for a men’s cut to ensure enough length.

What is an Open Cell Wetsuit and why is that all we sell for Alaska?

Visit our Gear Guide


Ambush Mask - Neptonics


  • Good field of view so you see more fish
  • Low volume

The Ambush Mask from Neptonics offers the perfect balance between low volume and wide field of view for spearfishing. It is perfect for a deep dive as the low volume design is easily equalized. It has a good field of view so you see more fish. This mask features tempered glass lenses, a quick adjustable strap, and it is probably the most comfortable mask you will ever wear. It is available with a tinted or clear lens. These freediving masks are our personal favorites and we guarantee a fantastic fit or we will pay for return shipping and grant you a full refund. Dive safely with Neptonics top quality gear. This quality free dive mask should be considered an essential piece of gear for any serious freediver.

Avalon Mask - Blue Tuna (GoPro Option)

Plain – in-stock

GoPro Option – in-stock

  • Low volume
  • Fits most faces
  • Action camera version $60 fits most GoPro Camera Models

If you aren’t sure what mask to get, this is a excellent choice because most people fit this mask. Made with soft silicone for maximum comfort and easy to mold to your face. Low volume for easy equalization and best field of view. Quick tension adjustment clip on swivel. Tempered glass lenses provide maximum safety. The Avalon mask comes with a clear plastic hard case to keep you new mask safe.

The Cyclops Mask - JBL


  • Frameless design
  • Single lens
  • Super low volume

Behold, the lowest volume frameless mask ever.  Gone are the days when you had to sacrifice comfort for field of vision.  This mask does it all.  The Cyclops features a super low volume design with frameless construction.  The result is that the only thing between you and your catch is crystal clear fog resistant tempered glass and a soft matte silicone skirt.  No plastic.  No frame.

Deep - Blue Tuna


  • Frameless
  • Compact
  • Super low volume
  • Versitile fit – comfortable on most faces,
  • Top choice for narrow faces.
  • Fits most youth

The frameless design allows us to bring the lenses close to the eyes, obtaining greater field of view and reduced internal volume. Excellent Choice for any diver, but escecially DEEP divers that want to get the lowest volume. Made with soft silicone for maximum comfort and easy to mold to your face. Quick tension adjustment clip on swivel. Tempered glass lenses provide maximum safety. The Avalon mask comes with a clear plastic hard case to keep you new mask safe.

The Seeker Mask - JBL

3-weeks out

  • Frameless design
  • Single lens
  • Large field of view
  • Low volume

Do traditional dive masks cause pressure and hurt to wear?  The Seeker’s frameless design allows for maximum comfort on a variety of facial profiles.  Its large field of view allows for excellent target acquisition while still being a true low-volume mask. Tempered glass lens features anti-fog technology for crystal clarity at all times.

The X-Ray Mask - JBL


  • Wide angle bridge
  • Huge field of view
  • Low volume

You shouldn’t have to give up field of view for a low volume mask and with the X-Ray you won’t.  Its wide angle bridge design was a result of studying eye movement patterns among divers, resulting in a huge field of view without the bulk of traditional masks.  The soft matte black silicone skirt cradles your face and virtually eliminates glare. Lenses are tempered glass and feature anti-fog technology.


Silicone Snorkel - Black and High-Viz

  • Black in-stock
  • High Viz 1-week out

*All colors will be $25 after 10/05/21

  • Flexible silicone
  • Soft, comfortable mouth piece
  • High-Viz options so your buddies can easily spot your at the surface

The silicone snorkel is our all-time favorite for free diving, snorkeling, and spearfishing because it is extremely comfortable, featuring the perfect “J” design with a wide bore for maximum oxygen intake and smooth breathing. This snorkel is perfect for any level of experience in the water. It features silicone construction for a soft and flexible fit in any configuration, even under a mask strap. The mouthpiece fits comfortably without placing stress on the jaw, even after long days in the water.


Neptonics - Plastic Fins

  • Neptonics Featherlite Foot Pockets
  • Interchangeable pockets
  • Foot pockets fit various blade makes & models
  • Tough and durable plastic blades
  • Angled blade for increased surface efficiency

The Neptonics Competition blades are great introductory spearfishing fins. The tough durable plastic blades are combined with our famous and very comfortable Featherlite foot pockets. The great thing about these fins is the foot pockets are removable so you can easily swap out the existing plastic blades for composite or carbon blades when you are ready to upgrade. The blades and pockets are angled so you have more water contact when swimming on the surface. 

Blue Tuna - Hydro Plastic Fins

  • Black – check for sizes in-stock
  • Green – special order, 1-week out
  • Best in performance, fit and comfort
  • Foot-pocket shape ensures a better fit for most divers.
  • Interchangeable pockets
  • Foot pockets fit various blade makes & models
  • Black or Green blades
  • 22 degree angle between foot-pocket and blade.
  • 76 cm long blades

Blue Tuna’s Hydro™ Fins offer the best in performace, fit and comfort. 

The Hydro™ footpocket shape is wider and taller at the front & top of the foot to reduce pressure on the foot that would cause cramping or discomfort. This shape ensures a better fit for most divers.

The angle between foot-pocket and blade is 22 degrees for more natural ergonomics. The blade angle makes surface kicking and deep diving more efficient and comfortable. The thermo rubber design of the footpock is three part:

1.) slightly softer compound around the foot to increases comfort, reduce cramping or pressure
2.) slightly stiffer and thicker compound in the base of the footpocket to best transfer energy to the blades
3.) The tendon was made slightly shorter and more flexible to ensure you get the best flex to the blade, allowing it to be loaded with the energy to maximize purpulsion. 


The Hydro™ Blades are 76cm length and medium compound for the best purpulsion. The base of the blade is thicker to trasfer the energy down the blade & thinner at the tip. They feature water grooves down the blade to guide the water. 

Men’s Sizes

  • EU 39-40, Fits US 6-7.5
  • EU 41-42, Fits US 8-9.5
  • EU 43-44, Fits US 10-11.5
  • EU 45-46, Fits US 12-13

JBL - Polymer Longblade Fins

Some sizes in-stock

  • JBL’s ultimate footpocket
  • Interchangeable pockets
  • Foot pockets fit various blade makes & models
  • 22 degree blade angle
  • Proprietary Carbon – Nylon Polymer Composite Blade
  • Tri-density full foot pocket
  • Stiff foot pocket bed for enhanced thrust
  • Soft foot pocket upper for reduced foot fatigue
  • Modular design
  • Embedded JBL Tuna Coffin Logo
  • Blades only: $50

When designing the second generation polymer longfin we set out to create something with the performance of our flagship Xcelerator fins but at a cost for everyone.  To accomplish this we went back to the drawing board.  We created an all new blade made from a proprietary carbon – nylon blend that replicates the properties of its carbon cousin.  Its reinforced base is stiff and responsive.  From there it becomes progressively thinner and more flexible, allowing for maximum energy transfer.

We mated this amazing blade to our newly developed tri-density foot pocket.  It features three unique rubber blends that work together to create a pocket that is stiff, responsive, and soft in areas where it matters most.  The end result is a performance freedive fin that kicks well above the competition.

Pockets and blades are modular. Secured with screws and blade clips. This allows for smaller storage, easy repairs, and upgrades.

Spearmaster Composite Fins

1-week out

  • Neptonic’s Featherlit foot pockets
  • Made of composite fiberglass
  • Unmatched performance, durability, and power
  • Specs: 85cm-long blades, 103cm-long with foot pocket
  • Soft or medium stiffness
  • Reef or Blue Camo
  • Blades only: $180
  • Sold as a set of two fins

Fantastic spearfishing fins for an incredible price! Spearmaster fins are constructed from an advanced composite-fiber compound to provide the freediver with unmatched performance, durability, and power. Spearmaster fin blades are made in small batches to ensure quality and consistency for years to come. No more expensive carbon fins that crack and break after a few uses. Many divers prefer the durability and flexibility that composite-fiber fins offer. Made by SPEARMASTER – South Africa, these composite fiberglass fins are so well-priced that it’s a no-brainer upgrade to these performance fins.

Neptonics G.F.T Agguato Carbon Fiber Fins

1-week out

  • Neptonic’s Featherlite foot pockets
  • Made from “PRE-PREG” CARBON
  • Almost half the kick cycles needed to go the same distance as plastic fins
  • Specs: 80cm-long blades x 19cm-wide, 98cm-long with foot pocket
  • Soft, medium, or hard stiffness
  • Color Choices: Bluewater, Green, Brown, Black
  • Blades only: $265 – $290
  • Sold as a set of two fins
  • Neptonics Two-year warranty

Most carbon fiber fins on the market were designed for free diving which tend to have a more progressive flow making for slower acceleration. The G.F.T Agguato carbon fiber fins are designed for spearfishing. They are a very reactive fin, so your first kick cycle allows for optimal acceleration to help close the gap on big fish and dive in hard currents! The reactive carbon fins make for the best free dive spearfishing fins.

Carbonio GFT Carbon Fins 80cm x 19xm“PRE-PREG” CARBON is what sets these carbon fiber fins apart from all other carbon fiber fins. Several at the Neptonics shop have had these fins for four years now and have yet to break these carbon fins. They have survived rocky entries, airline baggage, and our friends dropping their weight belts on them. That is why Neptonics can offer a two-year warranty on these fins. Jerry Guerra tested these GFT Carbonio Carbon Fiber Fins in the pool against plastic fins. It took Jerry 17 kick cycles with these carbon blades to get to 80 feet (25m) compared to 29 kick cycles with plastic fins. That’s almost half the amount of kicking and energy needed to go the same distance. The angle on these blades makes for efficient kicking on the surface and a fluid response during the dive. A tapered thickness provides precise movements even on the bottom with outstanding energy transfer from your foot pocket.

Neptonics Featherlite Footpockets

1-week out

Neptonics Feather Footpockets are ultra-lightweight and incredibly durable. These are one of the few pockets that can be worn without socks and will not cut into your foot or give you blisters. These pockets are designed to fit almost every composite, fiberglass, and carbon blade.

  • GFT
  • Spearmaster
  • Diver
  • Omer Carbon Fiber
  • Sporasub
  • Deep Apnea
  • Moana
  • 20 Fathoms
  • Nemo
  • Leader
  • All C4s (not including Mustang)
  • Alchemy
  • Cressi Carbons
  • Penetrator
  • Riffe

JBL Full Foot Freedive Pockets Gen 2

3-weeks out

  • JBL’s ultimate foot pocket
  • Tri-density full foot pocket
  • Stiff foot pocket bed for enhanced thrust
  • Soft foot pocket upper for reduced foot fatigue
  • Modular design
  • Embedded JBL Tuna Coffin Logo

When designing our second generation full foot pocket we set out to create the best pocket possible.  To do this we went back to the drawing board.  We created an all new tri-density foot pocket.  It features three unique rubber blends that work together to create a pocket that is stiff, responsive, and soft in areas where it matters most.  The end result is a performance freedive pocket that kicks well above the competition.

Pockets are modular. Secured with screws and blade clips. This allows for smaller storage, easy repairs, and upgrades.


Neptonics P-Tough Booties 4mm


  • Abrasion resistant
  • Coated Honeycomb Armor soles
  • Super-stretch neoprene panel
  • Engineered for endurance, stability, and longevity
  • 2mm $33 – special order only

The Neptonics P-TOUGH Booties are the apex of spearfishing and freediving booties. Engineered for performance, comfort, durability, and protection. The Neptonics P-TOUGH Booties are glued, double blind-stitched, and constructed of materials that withstand the elements. They are essential no matter where your adventures take you. The cut and stitching patterns of the bootie ensure a great fit. They prevent the bootie itself from giving you blisters on your feet or toes. The form fit design are specific to left and right feet to ensure the best fit and most comfort of any neoprene sock on the market. 


The P-TOUGH Booties are made to prevent blisters from freedive fins. They also prevent abrasion from the aquatic environment. The Coated Honeycomb Armor soles and toes help get you to your dive site, no mater what you have to cross to get there. They should be in every freediver’s dive bag and considered an essential piece of gear.


Neptonics Thermo Flex 5mm


    • Seams are double coated with liquid polyurethane
    • Extremely flexible, durable & tough
    • Made with Yamamoto 5mm neoprene
    • Hex Armor palms
    • Black or Blue/Green Quantum Stealth Camo
    • 3mm $40 – special order only

These neoprene diving gloves are the best insulated freedive hunting and spearfishing gloves we have used. Ultra supple, comfortable, and very warm, yet the most durable and toughest neoprene gloves you’ll ever wear! Made with Yamamoto 3mm & 5mm neoprene. The palm is made of ultra-resistant, durable, and chaffing-resistant Kanoco material, reinforced with tough honeycomb armor, made of polyurethane material, giving them an incredible gripping power that is virtually indestructible! The seams are double coated with liquid polyurethane, making them virtually impossible to unravel or come apart. Thanks to their great design and elasticity, these are the warmest and most comfortable diving gloves made with zero water circulation inside.

Weight Belts

Marseilles Weight Belt


  • Belt is ultra-stretchy and stays around your waist
  • Sturdy stainless steel roller buckle makes it easy to ditch
  • Available from all 3 of our manufacturers
  • Industry standard belt

The Marseilles rubber weight belt is a great choice for free diving and spearfishing. This belt is ultra-stretchy and stays around your waist. 

The Marseilles rubber weight belt has become an industry standard.

Why rubber freediving belts work so well: When you dive, the deeper you go, the more your body compresses and your waist becomes smaller. As your waist becomes smaller, a normal weight belt will become loose and slip up around your chest. A stretchy rubber weight belt shrinks as your waist shrinks and stays snug around your waist. As you come up from your dive, your body is expanding again and the stretchy weight belt expands with you without becoming too tight and uncomfortable. 

This belt holds weight firmly against the body. It is very comfortable and does not impair breathing due to the flexibility of the rubber.

Marseilles Weight Belt High-Viz

-Pink, Yellow & Orange in-stock

-All other colors are special order

  • Silicone belt is stretchy and stays around your waist
  • Sturdy stainless steel roller buckle makes it easy to ditch
  • Industry standard marseille-style belt

The High-Viz Marseilles rubber weight belt is great for free diving and spearfishing. Your dive buddy can see you at deeper depths than with a black belt.

This belt is stretchy and stays around your waist. 

The Marseilles style of weight belt has become an industry standard.


Blue Tuna Plastic Buckle Belt


  • Ultra-stretchy rubber belt
  • Plastic clasp buckle
  • Quick release makes it easy to ditch

Rubber Belt great for freediving. The rubber will flex allowing you to get a more comfortable & full breath. Rubber also doesn’t slip and maintains it’s position on your body. 


Uncoated Lead Weights

  • in-stock
  • 1lb weight $4
  • 2lb weight $8
  • 3lb weight $12

Use the following info as a starting point.

Based on local observations in 7mm suits…


160 lbs – 16-18 lbs weight

180 lbs – 18-20 lbs weight

200 lbs – 20-22 lbs weight


140 lbs – 10-12 lbs weight

160 lbs – 12-16 lbs weight

180 lbs – 16-18 lbs weight

Guessing how much weight you will need is nearly impossible.

We encourage you to over-buy, go out and do a weight test, then return your extras.

**Do you have extra weights sitting around, or home-poured weights to sell?

Contact us directly for our buy-back program.


Red Tide Knife


  • Double Serrated Edge
  • Black or Silver Blade
  • So strong it can cut right through a 480-lb stainless steel cable
  • Made in Italy from super high-quality 420 high-carbon stainless steel

Custom made in Italy from super high-quality 420 stainless steel. This higher-carbon stainless steel holds this unique, double-serrated edge like no other. The blade is so strong it can cut right through a 480-lb stainless steel cable! The stiletto-designed knife makes braining your catch easy. This is the ultimate spearfishing knife! The double-serrated edge is great for making burley and gives you the confidence that you can quickly cut your way out of a dangerous situation. Wear it on your arm, leg, or dagger style attached to your rubber weight belt.

All prices are subject to change based on prices passed along to us by manufacturers. We will do our best to give notice before price increases.

Additional Items

The Manual of Freediving is the first comprehensive manual that teaches how to hold the breath, stay underwater longer, and descend deeper into the blue. The book includes a history of freediving, and detailed drawings of underwater exercises, finning techniques and selected Yoga postures to enhance lung capacity. This book is highly recommended to Skin-divers, Scuba-Divers and Surfers. It teaches how to hold the breath longer under water.

The Manual of Freediving by Umberto Pelizzari is the number one best selling text on freediving, and only comprehensive manual for the beginner to intermediate freediver.

  • Novel – Nestor draws you in as he shares his introduction to freediving and how it has changed his life 
  • Ask for this title from your local bookstore or find it on

From the Back Cover

New York Times Book Review Editors Choice An Amazon Best Science Book of 2014 Scientific American Recommended Read

Deep is a voyage from the ocean s surface to its darkest trenches, the most mysterious places on Earth. Fascinatedby the sport of freediving in which competitors descendgreat depths on a single breath James Nestor embeds with a gang of oceangoing extreme athletes and renegade researchers. He finds whales that communicate with other whales hundreds of miles away, sharks that swim in unerringly straight lines through pitch-black waters, and other strange phenomena. Most illuminating of all, he learns that these abilities are reflected in our own remarkable, and often hidden, potential including echolocation, directional sense, and the profound bodily changes humans undergo when underwater. Along the way, Nestor unlocks his own freediving skills as he communes with the pioneers who are expanding our definition of what is possible in the natural world, and in ourselves.

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